Could this be your best summer yet?

Every summer, SOS looks for approximately 60 college-age men and women with a desire to follow Jesus Christ with their lives and proclaim the gospel in word and deed through home repair.

This summer, nearly 1,600 high school and junior high students and adult leaders will come to SOS to serve Memphis for a one-week summer camp. With the help of these volunteers, SOS will partner with over 30 homeowners to provide critical home repair in the neighborhoods of Binghampton, the Heights and Orange Mound. In order to fulfill this calling, SOS needs a team of dedicated summer staff who are eager to commit themselves to growing as a disciple of Jesus and also to serve others over themselves. Will you join us and invest this summer?

What can you expect on summer staff?

The work required of you will be hard. Expect long, tiring, hot days, but a reward of everlasting significance. Most summer staff will be directly involved in home repair which does not necessarily require experience, but it does require a willingness to learn and then empower others with that knowledge.

You will be given the opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with 1,600 students who will be at SOS this summer and with the homeowners and neighbors we work with everyday.

You will be given the opportunity to be part of the SOS family as we seek to love, stretch, challenge, encourage and affirm one another as brothers and sisters in the Lord.

What positions does SOS hire?
  • Team Leader: (Binghampton [20 spots] & Orange Mound [8 spots]) A team leader is basically our version of a camp counselor. They work to guide student groups each week and develop a relationship with a homeowner partner for the summer. No construction experience necessary. Plan to spend most of your days outside and on a roof!


  • Construction Manager: (Bing [6] & OM [2]) Construction Managers oversee the construction progress of 3-4 of our worksites (Team Leaders) under the supervision of our full-time construction team. Experience in construction or related field of study (engineers!) is preferred.


  • Runner: (Bing [4]) The soul of SOS’s shop! Runners are supervised by the Shop Manager. They maintain the shop and make material runs to our worksites. Runners work along side a team of high school students from our target neighborhoods


  • Shop Manager: (Bing [1]) The Shop Manager works in direct communication with with the Construction Director and construction managers. The shop manager is the mediator between the shop and all of our construction projects, supervising and managing runners each day. Maturity and management skills/experience are preferred.


  • Photographer & Videographer: (Bing [1]) Behind the camera and making chapel videos to build camp culture and ensure memories last. Part of support staff team. A/V & video editing experience are preferred.


  • Volunteer/Office Coordinator: (Bing [1]) Keeper of behind the scenes details. Helps in the office, a smiling face/email for volunteers. Part of support staff team. Detail oriented individuals with a passion for organization are preferred.


  • Kitchen Manager: (Bing [2]) Our kitchen managers make sure everyone at SOS is well fed each week. Their duties include planning, ordering food and kitchen supplies each week, and preparing meals each day. Part of support staff team. Detail oriented individuals with a passion for organization are preferred.


  • Staff Servant: (Bing [2]) A Staff Servant is an all-star returner who wears many hats. Staff Servants are hired to help serve and support the rest of the summer staff. Staff Servants fill in where needed and help be a connection point between full-time staff and summer staff. This position carries a great deal of tradition, legacy, and responsibility. Staff Servants are on support staff.


  • 114 Support Staffer: (OM [1]) A new position to the summer of 2018! The 114 Support Staffer will have very similar responsibilities as the photographer and videographer in Binghampton.


  • 114 Camp Intern: (OM [2]) Also new positions to the summer of 2018! The 114 Camp Interns will report directly to full-time staff. They will live off-campus for the summer. 114 Camp Interns will lead and direct the 114 Camp, supervising and managing the 114 summer staff. 114 Camp Interns will communicate with youth leaders and volunteers each week and handle many of the weekly details of operating camp.


  • Marketing Intern: (Bing [1]) Another new position to the summer of 2018! The Marketing Intern will work with the Executive Director to create and implement a digital marketing campaign for the summer. We are looking for someone who has an eye for creativity and very motivated! The marketing intern will live on-site. This position is part of support staff. Click HERE for a PDF of the full job description.
Are these paid positions?

Yes! Summer Staff are paid a weekly stipend ($250/week) plus room and board is provided.

What's the summer schedule?

Summer Staff will arrive the last week of May for staff training, followed by seven weeks of camp and then one final week for staff only. There will be a mid-summer break during which staff will have time off July 1-3 and then will report July 4-6 for a staff-only week. Camp will resume that Sunday for week five. Summer 2018 employment will terminate on Thursday morning, August 2. Due to the nature of the demands of our summer camp schedule, staff are strongly discouraged from missing any days of work during this 10 week period. All staff are given time off on Wednesday evenings and Fridays 10pm until Sunday 1pm.


*Specific dates are tentative.

What will you gain from this commitment?

SOS seeks to serve homeowners, campers, and summer staff alike!

We want to encourage and equip you to be a more effective and fruitful follower of Jesus Christ.

We want you to leave SOS having cultivated a more intimate relationship with Christ, a new spiritual family at SOS and a greater devotion to loving the poor, oppressed and unreached in the name of Christ.

We also believe you will gain relational and professional experience and skills from a unique, dynamic work environment that will serve you in your future vocational endeavors, bless others and further God’s kingdom.


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We expect the application to take no more than 30 minutes to complete.