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What is the Endless Bucket Club?

We are those alumni who have been brought to and changed by SOS through Christ. And it messed us up. Now we’re the crazies who, though we no longer call a triple bunk home or chicken fried steak our dinner, have never quite left.

Together we work to reinvest in SOS and our partner neighborhoods: Binghampton, The Heights and Orange Mound.

Why the Endless Bucket Club?

SOS continually seeks out and depends on financial contributions from like-minded individuals to carry out our mission. There’s hardly anyone more like-minded than those who have lived, experienced, sweated, and served with SOS and SOS114…YOU!

The EBC also operates as a platform by which we can continue to serve our neighbors as a greater and ever growing community and by which you can stay connected to SOS.

What's with that name?

You may have only experienced the Endless Sink and recycling bins, but in the olden days of SOS, there was nothing more than a 5 gallon bucket on the floor over the drain where we dumped all our liquids – the Endless Bucket.

Though it no longer exists, it was well known and loved by those around SOS during its reign.

And thus,

The Endless Bucket Club

In Memory of the Endless Bucket, 2002-2006


It’s also the Endless Bucket Club because it is endless…just like your connection to SOS… and the endless need for home repair in the inner-city of Memphis. Just like the endless bucket, there are many that pour resources into SOS…and SOS funnels those resources into the neighborhood.


And in honor of SOS’s love of acronyms (LOA), The Endless Bucket Club is thus henceforth and forevermore informally known as the EBC.

What are the perks of the EBC?

The big picture is that we want YOU to be a part of empowering people, renovating homes, and transforming neighborhoods in Memphis. But in addition to that, members receive a few perks including:


  • The Drain – A semi-regular publication for EBC members ONLY. It’s full of SOS updates and info.
  • Special gifts – We love growing your SOS swag collection with new & exclusive additions from time to time.
  • Voting rights – EBC members are invited to help make special camp-related decisions like vehicle naming, camp shirt colors or designs, pictures to display, etc.
  • The Joy – …of knowing that you are reinvesting in the next generation of SOS.
How do I join?

Simply fill out the form on this page and commit to giving a monthly contribution of at least $5 per month! No gift is insignificant!


We are praying for 75% EBC participation from the Class of 2018. That’s 38.25 of you!

Just think about it…if 38 new EBC members each committed to giving $10 a month, the EBC Class of 2018 would annually reinvest more than $4,500 into SOS!

Do you know what that could be?! 90% of one full roof replacement! 150 all staff Bryant’s breakfasts! 180 packs of shingles! 2 High School summer staff positions! The opportunities are…ENDLESS.