Shingle Bells

Ever wanted to do more to support SOS than just volunteer for a week of camp? Did you know that camper tuition only covers about half the cost of our work? We need your help this Christmas to SHINGLE ALL THE WAY! Join SOS youth groups and supporters from all across the country to raise the roof this Christmas season. We challenge your students to raise $2500, the cost of construction materials for one roof! We provide the promotional materials and prizes, your youth group decides how to raise the money!

Who can participate?
Any youth group or individual who loves SOS and wants to help us raise funds to work towards our vision of empowered people and thriving communities! We’ve set up our Shingle Bells campaign for youth groups to use but individuals can TOTALLY hop on board as well!

How do I get started?

CLICK HERE to access the Shingle Bells Promotional Packet! It contains all the resources you’ll need to plan an epic fundraiser!  If you have ANY question about how the process works email ASAP! From then, you’ll have until December 31st to raise money for SOS and get it to us.
Did you say something about PRIZES?
YOU GOT THAT RIGHT! We’ve got prizes for both the youth groups as a whole and individual fundraisers! Youth groups, for every $2500 you raise, we’ll give you two free camp spots! Individuals, prizes include SOS swag the likes of which you’ve never seen! More info on this and more in the promo packet.