SOS exists to glorify God by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ in underserved neighborhoods through home repair and leadership development.

Spring Break

College students travel from all across the country to partner with inner-city homeowners in making their homes warmer, safer and drier. Through relationship building and home repair, groups are invited to participate the kingdom work of bringing renewal in our city.

Summer Camp

SOS offers Junior High and High School students the chance to sacrifice a week of their summer to immerse themselves in the inner-city of Memphis. Students partner with homeowners to serve Memphis and our Savior by repairing homes in the Binghampton and Orange Mound neighborhoods.

The Academy

The SOS Academy equips young adults to inhabit under-served communities with a Gospel-driven lifestyle of justice and compassion toward their neighbors.

How do we do this?

Through a yearlong residency in Memphis, TN, designed for 19-26 year olds who have a concern for those who are poor, marginalized or unreached.

SOS Builds

SOS Builds is an after school program for urban youth providing educational, character, and leadership enrichment through hands-on construction training. Through SOS Builds, urban youth will gain practical vocational skills, learn to be servant leaders, and grow as followers of Jesus.

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Homes Repaired


Summer Staff


Shingles Replaced

  • How did you get connected to SOS? I came to SOS 114 with Patterson Park Church from Beavercreek, Ohio in 2015 and I was a camper at Binghampton in 2016. What is your role this summer? I am a team leader at SOS 114 What......

  • How did you get connected to SOS? That’s a very funny story actually! It was a Thursday night, right after my baptism, during a church service. I was standing with my friends and the college pastor at my church told me to shut up and......

  • How did you get connected to SOS? I came on a Spring break trip a few years ago and then I did the SOS Academy last year. What is your role this summer? Kitchen Director How does your position fit into the bigger picture of......

  • How did you get connected to SOS? Jake emailed Paul at Mizzou, who is a staff member at the Rock Campus Church. Paul posted on Facebook and I responded to that. What is your role this summer? I’m a runner for the SOS Shop What......

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