Near the end of every year we are given a time of rest, a break from school and our schedules to be close to those whom we love and appreciate – and I don’t think it is unintentional that this time of thanksgiving occurs along with the changing weather. Every year we are reminded of the Lord’s faithfulness by the celebration of Thanksgiving coupled with the leaves’ metaphorical representation of the fact that God works through change and through seasons. It is undeniably important to be intentional in this season to focus on being thankful for what God has done for us, but the foundation of God’s love for us goes so much deeper than the examples of blessings we give before sharing a special meal. The very concept of a table, of gathering around it, and of sharing a meal should not be forgotten during this season, because that is an important visual that God uses in his Word to display the love He has for His children.

In 2 Samuel we read about Mephibosheth, the son of King Jonathon (and grandson of Saul), who was injured during the regime change when David became King; his legs were broken as his nurse dropped him while fleeing the palace. Subsequently Mephibosheth lived his life disabled and as member of the previous regime, both of which left him forced to beg. But, the Lord’s redemptive love is displayed through the actions of King David, who loved Johnathan and requested to find anyone left that was a member of his lineage. Mephibosheth was found and brought to eat at the king’s table, and it was commanded that he was able to eat at the king’s table for the rest of his life. And David declared it in this way: “As for Mephibosheth, he shall eat at my table like one of the king’s sons” (2 Samuel 9:11).

In many ways we are able to identify with Mephibosheth; we are broken, and have been for our whole lives. But there is so much beauty in his/our stories – because of nothing that we have done, or nothing that we could deserve, or nothing that we could earn, but because of who our Father is, we are brought up to sit at the King’s table. This is where the foundation of our thanksgiving lies, we give thanks because we are given a seat, and because of the seat we are given we are able to live our lives with meaning, and in a purposeful way that glorifies the One who gave it to us. I praise God that He is unchanging throughout the seasons, and that because of His constant and consistent nature, we are always given a seat.