Camp Registration Tips

Registration for SOS 2018 Spring and Summer Camps opens Thursday, October 4th at 10:00 AM CST

We want you to be super well-prepared for getting on board with serving in Memphis through SOS in 2019! Please read through these tips and instructions and contact with any extra questions.

Typically spots fill up very quickly. In the past we have been over 50% full within the first hour after registration opens.

So we’ve put together some helpful tips to help you get the spots you want:

  • First things first! Go ahead and look over the camp dates below. As you can see, several week are already booked by churches who are able to register enough people to fill up an entire week of camp. Make your choice of which week you’ll try to register for based on availability below!

  • Make sure you register as soon as the registration page goes live – Thursday, Oct. 4th  @ 10:00 am (CST).

  • Have your credit card number out and ready. We also accept PayPal so have your login ready if you’d prefer to pay using a PayPal account.

  • On the front page of our website as well as on the Summer Camp and Spring Break pages, a Register Now button will appear after 10 AM on October 4th and it will lead you to the appropriate registration page!

  • Have an alternate week picked out just in case you do not get your first choice. Keep in mind we have 2 camps to choose from: SOS and SOS114. So if you can’t get spots you want at one camp, perhaps there will be spots at the other. Please note that weeks 3, 4, and 5 of SOS  and SOS114 are already full.

  • Make sure choose a week that is appropriate for the age of the students you’re bringing. All Spring Break Trips are exclusively for college-age groups. Summer Camp weeks are either Senior High Only or Combined (Junior High and/or Senior High students are welcome). To make sure you’re planning for registering for an age appropriate week, see below.

2019 SOS Camp Dates:

June 2-8 (Combined JH + SH) – 185 spots available

June 9-15 – FULL WEEK RESERVED- 0 spots available

June 16-22 – FULL WEEK RESERVED- 0 spots available

June 23-29 – FULL WEEK RESERVED- 0 spots available

July 7-13 – FULL WEEK RESERVED-0 spots available

July 14-20 (SH Only) – 185 spots available

July 21-27 (Combined JH + SH) – 185 spots available

2017 SOS114 Camp Dates:

June 2-8 (Combined JH + SH) – 60 spots available

June 9-15 (Combined JH + SH) – 60 spots available

June 16-22 (Combined JH + SH) – 60 spots available

June 23-29 FULL WEEK RESERVED- 0 spots available

July 8-14 FULL WEEK RESERVED- 0 spots available

July 14-20 (Combined JH + SH) – 60 spots available

July 21-27 (Combined JH + SH) – 60 spots available 

You’ll begin by selecting the number of persons (adults included) you’re registering for, then choose which camp (Binghampton or SOS114), then click on the SUNDAY ARRIVAL DATE of the week of camp you want. Once you click on the arrival date of the week of camp you want to register for, a note will appear above the calendar telling you how many spots remain available for that week and below the calendar telling you the total deposit ($50/participant). Then click BOOK NOW.

On the next page, fill out your billing information, make sure the “booking date” is the date you want to arrive at SOS or SOS114. Click CONTINUE TO PAYMENT and complete your order! If you get an error message, the week you wanted may have filled up. Try again. If the arrival day of your week is red, all spots are full and you cannot register for that week. At this point, register for your back-up week!

Be patient with us as we try to get everyone registered on Wednesday! We will work very hard to make this busy day run as smoothly as possible.

If after 10AM you have tried multiple times and continue to have problems, call the office. We will help you in any way that we can!

Also, WE NEED YOUR HELP in spreading the word about SOS! And there’s something in it for you! If you refer a first-time church to SOS and they register for camp, we’ll knock $250 off your final balance. Just make sure you let us know who you referred! Thanks in advance for helping us recruit more folks to serve in Memphis!

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