$22 vs. $2,000

$22 vs. $2,000

A story of God's sovereignty and the reality of sin

We recently received a phone call from someone at our local bank asking if we could help out an elderly lady. This lady had come into the bank asking for a $2,000 loan for some electrical work at her home. The outlet that her window AC unit plugs into was not functioning. She got an estimate from an electrician to fix the problem. He said there was a lot of work that needed to be done and would cost $2,000.

The bank denied her loan because she is on a fixed income and did not have sufficient collateral. But the banker gave us a call because she knew of our work in the area. We had an electrician we know go look at it. He replaced the plug on the AC unit and installed a new outlet. He did not charge us anything for labor because he likes our work and it took him less than 30 minutes. He spent $22 on the parts.

As we reflect on this two things happened:

1) Our hearts were filled with joy and worship at the sovereignty of God - that this woman would just happen to go to a bank where we know someone and be denied for an unnecessary loan and that the banker would contact us about this. And that we have an electrician that we have helped out and he wanted to return the favor. God's hand is so clearly knitted all of that together.

2) We were reminded that we live in a world marred by sin...that there are still people living in our communities who are taken advantage of everyday. Unfortunately, this scenario is not uncommon. And this gives us fuel to press on in our work...to proclaim the gospel with our words and our deeds as we seek to bring God's Kingdom on earth.

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