Meet Our Summer Staff: Max Gort

How did you get connected to SOS? My youth group came here my freshman year of highschool and they asked me if I wanted to come along and I said yes and fell in love with it.

What is your role this summer?

I’m a worksite Team Leader

What does a typical day look like?

I wake up, lay in bed, come down to morning staff meeting. We worship, then we “Get Hungry” (i.e., dive into The Word), then we have breakfast. Then we dance and get ready to head out to the worksite. This week we’ve been working on decking—cutting wood, making sure it fits, removing rotten boards. Then we’ll start the shingling process which entails underlayment, then drip-edge and shingles.

Half way through the day we do devos and in the late afternoon we have chapel and get to worship and learn more about the Word with everyone.

Have you been able to build a relationship with the homeowner you’re partnering with this summer?

Yes I have. Every morning he’s outside waiting for us to get there. He is always walking around outside, helping us clean up. Holding ladders if we need him to. He’s always doing work on the inside of the house in the attic, doing work there if we need him to. Really genuine guy.

What is your favorite thing about team leading?

Getting to meet new kids every week

What are you teaching your campers during lunchtime devotionals today?

How to not fall off the roof.

This year our devotionals are focused on shalom. How God’s plan for the earth was to be a world full of shalom and how it currently isn’t.

How does it feel to tarp up at the end of the day?

It’s a good feeling, cause you know you get to shower next!

What is the Lord teaching you through your job as a Team Leader?

Patience. Ways to deliver the message of the Gospel. What the real meaning of Service Over Self is.

What’s your quirky love?