Empowered Persons

Here's a great story from Grayson Fleetwood (Team Leader, 2011) about the impact SOS has had in the lives of Binghampton residents:

So today after class my professor asked if anyone would be willing to go and make copies of the textbook in the library because one of the students didn't have her book yet, and I said that I would.  The student, an elderly woman, and I go to the library but the copiers are broken.  I told her that she can just borrow my book and I will give her my number so she can return it to me whenever she is finished.  So I start to give her my number, and right after I say the Memphis area code she says, "No way!  I'm from Memphis too!"  I told her I grew up Germantown, and she said, "I grew up in Binghampton."  I said, "Awesome!  Have you ever heard of SOS?  Because I worked there this summer."  At this point she FREAKS OUT!  She told me that SOS worked on a house on her street 8 or so years ago, and she went on to explain how it made her realize that if people work towards something and put effort into stuff great things can happen.  So she basically was empowered by seeing Christ work through SOS so she got a job and saved up and is now at ETSU hoping to graduate one day.  She then told me to tell all of you:  "Thank you for all that you have done in the name of God, the ripples of your work are greater than you think."

Memphis, Summer StaffDrew