Let's Get Packing!

Let’s get packing!


If you’re coming to SOS this summer, you’re just a few weeks away from one of the greatest camp experiences around (we’re biased). As you prepare to come to camp, you should know about a few things to pack and what to leave at home.


During SOS camp, you and your team will spend five days on a home repair site. During the morning and early afternoon, you’ll be working with building materials. Because of the work you’ll be doing, we require that all campers wear closed toe shoes, long pants and t-shirts that are “disposable.” If you’re not from Memphis, prepare yourself for a hot week! We recommend a fresh set of clothes for each workday, as you’ll likely be sweaty!


When you return back to SOS after the workday, you’ll be able to shower (don’t forget toiletries and a towel or two!) and change into casual clothes. We want you to be comfortable, so bring your favorite hangout clothes. Sandals and shorts are allowed during this time, but be mindful of short length (we ask that everyone wear shorts that are knee-length).


In the evenings, we’ll spend time in the Word together. Bring your Bible and a notebook to take notes during our discussion. After that, everyone will head to their bunks for bedtime. Of course, you’ll need pajamas for sleeping. You need to bring sheets, blankets and pillows to prepare your bunk for bed.


Remember that SOS is a Christian organization, and as a camper, you’re a representative of our mission and the mission of your home Church. Please don’t bring any t-shirts or clothing with inappropriate messages.


Other than cellphones, we ask that you leave all large electronic devices at home. You may bring your cellphone, but we have restrictions on when they should be used. Your youth leader will discuss rules on cellphone use with you. Our facility is gated and secured, but we recommend that you leave any valuables (jewelry, expensive clothing, etc.) back home. You won’t need them at camp!


If you have specific questions about packing, what to bring and what to leave at home, you can check out our packing guide here and our dress code here.


We can’t wait to see you at camp!