No More Buckets!

A short story of homeowners we recently partnered with this Spring. Ed and Vicky* are a younger married couple with school-aged children. They have fallen on hard times financially in recent years. Vicky has been out of work. Ed has been able to find stable work but it’s barely enough to meet their family’s basic needs. They are living in the house that Vicky grew up in Binghampton. She shared with me how ever since she was a child, they would need to put out buckets inside the house when it rained because the roof always leaked. Because we were able to provide them with a new roof for free, for the first time in her life she is living in a house that won’t leak when it rains! No more buckets!

That’s hard to comprehend. Through our volunteer labor and the generous donations of many people, we were able to provide a complete roof replacement as well as replace much of the water-damaged sheetrock inside the house from water. They both spent a lot of their time working right alongside our volunteers to make repairs on their home, and supplied lots of food to feed the volunteers. We are so thankful for the opportunity we get to help families such as Ed and Vicky.

*Names have been changed