SOS Builds + Grizzly Prep Mini-Golf Classic

Our High School SOS Builds team (Mya (not pictured), Darrion, Jacquez,  Qwintravion and Martavius) are starting to become pretty popular and with that has come some new and exciting opportunities for them to show off their skills. This Spring we were contracted by Grizzly Prep to design and build five putt putt holes for a fundraiser they were hosting in May. Each hole had to be different in design and was sponsored by various businesses around Memphis so they each had to represent their sponsors well. To get our creative juices flowing we took a little trip down to a local putt putt course to get some ideas. After our trip, each builder spent the next three weeks designing and planning out each of their holes. Each was given the task to draw up plans, make a material list, and choose a day during their spring break week to come to the building and make their ideas come to life.

On the day of the build each builder took a trip to Lowes to purchase all the materials needed for the day. Then the fun started and using the plans they had drawn up, we started making these holes-- one day after another, spending close to 8 hours each on them. Some seemed simple but when you include building, carpet, and custom paint jobs for each one (with some special mechanics here and there) then a simple hole becomes something special that each builder could be really proud of at the end of the day.

Not only were the builders proud of their products but they were crowd favorites on the night of the event. Along with 13 other holes made by other companies, the Builds designs stood out and were a lot of fun to play. We should know-- we had the chance to go down to Grizzly prep and play all 18 holes with the Builders to see all their hard work put to use!

This project was both fun and exciting for our Builders and was a real example of how far their skills have improved. We are so excited to see them continue to grow and possibly build some more putt putt courses next year!

SOS Buildsemily