Spring Break for the WIN!

We're in the middle of Spring Break camps and this feedback from students has encouraged us greatly! If you're a college student, we'd love for you to consider spending your next spring break with us! More info HERE

"Through SOS, I've learned that... I am called to pour the love I have through Christ to others [since] Christ became poor for doing what I need, eternal life!"

"Helped me realize I was almost uncomfortable with the idea of God and didn't think I was ready or willing to call it an INTIMATE PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP until now."

"SOS has really helped emphasize the importance of a spiritual community in creating change in this world. I tend to be a person that likes to work alone, whether that be in school, church or volunteering. But this week here in Memphis blatantly showed me the value and impact we can have when we combine our strengths and follow the will of God!"

"It took me out of my comfort zone and helped me to remove some of my preconceived notions about people who are in different socio-economic situations."

"I am teacher at an inner city charter school in Toledo. This week God has reminded that He is bigger than the challenges I see my students face and that all He requires of me is my obedience to His daily call to lay down my own life and my own preferences for what He has for me instead."

"Helped me to realize that poverty is many times not physical. Any lack of a spiritual connection could be considered poverty."

"Every time I come to SOS it reminds me that service is big things like trying to bridge racial and social gaps and also small things like figuring out ways to serve your friends in regular day to day activities."

"I now have a better understanding that poverty isn't only about materials. You can be poor in other ways. I also learned about how to better love those in poverty with the mindset that I can learn and share with them... it's not about "What can I provide them?"