Week 2 Update

We are in full swing now!  See below for some updates from the first week and a half of camp at SOS:

SOS114 in Orange Mound started this week with 3 groups:

  • Austin Stone Community Church - Austin, TX
  • Community Church Memphis - Memphis, TN
  • Orange Mound Outreach Ministries (OMOM) - Memphis, TN

SOS Binghampton is VERY full this week!

  • Christ United Methodist Church (the church that founded SOS) of Memphis, TN, is here with close to 190 campers!
  • CUMC is also adopting this week of camp sending volunteers to clean, cook, deliver popsicles, and help in a variety of other ways.

Last week for Week 1 of camp we had 185 campers from Alabama and Texas:

  • Dauphin Way UMC - Mobile, AL
  • Brookwood Baptist Church - Birmingham, AL
  • Cathedral Church of the Advent - Birmingham, AL
  • Robertsdale UMC - Robertsdale, AL
  • Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church - Houston, TX

28 Homes...

  • That's the number of homes we are currently repairing in Binghampton and Orange Mound.


  • Praise God!  We got reports from youth leaders last week that several of their students put their faith in Jesus for the first time while at SOS!

Wind, Rain, & Hail!

  • We are happy to report that we survived a huge sudden downpour yesterday afternoon!  Our team leaders, campers, and construction managers worked hard to make sure our roofs were covered, and we had very few leaks.  Praise God for that!


  • We have been so encouraged by homeowner participation in the work this summer.  We have so many homeowners who are willing and able to help and are out there working hard!


  • Please continue to pray for our camps... Pray for safety; healthy campers and staff; that homes would be warmer, safer, and drier; and that more people would come to know and love Jesus.