Academy Internship with Eikon Ministries | Emily Cole

untitled-17-01 This past year I have worked with Eikon ministries, discipling youth in the neighborhood of Binghampton in Memphis, TN.

Eikon Ministries was founded by Roy “Soup” Campbell in 1997 with the mission to build urban leaders who will change the community from the inside out.

To do this they use a strategy of visibility, large groups, small groups, and discipleship groups.

For visibility, the entire Eikon staff is required to live in the neighborhood in Binghampton, volunteer at the local schools and the community center, and be present with their neighbors.

Eikon has several large groups that meet regularly including Club Nathan (weekly Bible study on Tuesday nights), the Bing Dance House, and Team Eikon basketball team.

From there, they meet into small group Bible studies called Legacy Ladies and Manhood.

Each staff member, then, is expected to have a group of young ladies or men whom they are discipling one-on-one.


It has been a joy to be part of the Eikon staff this year. I love the work they do and have seen the impact they have made in the lives of the kids and their families in this neighborhood.

Several kids have given their lives to Christ through this ministry and I believe, because of Eikon’s training, they will continue to make more disciples.

One of my favorite memories from this year was being able to witness RaSheema (my supervisor and mentor) baptize 3 of the girls she helped win to Christ.

For several years she has been training them in Scripture memory, evangelism, and discipleship multiplication.

Watching the way she, and other Eikon staff members live has challenged me to take the command of the Great Commission more seriously.

Eikon has held me to a new standard. They are diligent, intentional, and authentic in their ministry and it is one I hope to replicate.


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