Five Ways To Serve In Your Community

After a week at SOS you probably leave with a desire to serve in your community. But how? Here are five ways you can continue to serve in your community. Neighborhood Cleanup

Pick one day out of the week to go around your neighborhood and pick up trash. This may not seem like a lot but small things make a big impact. By picking up trash in your neighborhood you make the neighborhood look nicer and can even create a sense of pride in the community.

Visit a Local Nursing Home

You can have a great time volunteering at a nursing home. The nursing home is filled with people of all walks of life with great stories to share. While you are getting a chance to help the elderly in your community, you also might gain some wisdom too!

Do a Canned Food Drive

Invite members of your neighborhood to donate canned foods and non-perishables. This is something simple you can do and it allows others to participate. You can donate the items to a local shelter or a church.

Donate Clothes

Donating clothes is a good way to serve your community. Take time to go through your clothes and pick out the gently used clothes that you do not wear anymore or maybe that you have grown out of. You can donate those clothes to a local shelter.

Volunteer at Church

Churches are a great place to volunteer. Many churches are connected with the community and always have volunteer opportunities. Whether you volunteer in the church or in church community service this would be a great for you to get involved with your community.

These are easy ways you can make an impact in your community. Have fun serving!