Homeowner Testimony from Spring Camp

The idea that SOS only repairs roofs is a very serious underestimation of how God uses this home repair ministry.  One homeowner from this Spring Break shared with a staff member exactly why SOS has a vision to empower persons and transform neighborhoods with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Students who came to Memphis to serve this spring had an amazing time getting to know homeowners in Binghampton and Orange Mound.  One of the most encouraging things for SOS staff  to see is how much love is exchanged between homeowners and campers.  It can be a beautiful thing, but sometimes if there is not much dialogue or interaction, campers can be discouraged.  They may feel as though the work is unappreciated or that the homeowner is unaffected by the partnership.

One particular homeowner had been displaced from his home in March 2012 due to a stove fire.  Shortly after, he sought help from SOS.

Because of his displacement and job situation, he was not present during much of the spring.  While this was disappointing to spring campers he was not unaffected by the work done on his house.  He commented that SOS was a "God send."

Here are three takeaways that encouraged SOS greatly to hear during our exit interview with him.


    • God is using SOS to restore hope.  The homeowner rented the home prior to the house fire.  With the insurance money that his landlord received, he was sold the home at a reduced price rather than the landlord taking care of the damage.  So there he was, a homeowner of a house with a hole in the back and a leaky roof.  SOS's intervention made him a homeowner of a warm, safe and dry home.  He was able to move back into his home this spring!
    • God is using SOS to restore people.  He was impacted by SOS spiritually.  He said he had struggled with alcohol for some time.  He had no support prior to his partnership with SOS.  He said that he was so encouraged by SOS through this partnership.  He commented that God used SOS to confirm his decision to be sober.
    • God is using SOS to empower neighbors.  He expressed a willingness to bless the neighborhood with his computer skills. Seeing young people uneducated and roaming the streets has filled him with a passion to share his knowledge and help young people learn skills.  A local church has said that they have extra space and are trying to place some computers there.  Pray that a relationship can be formed so that he can serve the neighborhood with his computer gifts!


SOS praises God for how he uses us sometimes when we least expect it.  All glory goes to God for the renewal of this Binghampton resident's heart.



CampsPhilip Walkley