Spring Break 2013 Recap


During March, SOS hosted college students who chose to partner with homeowners in Binghampton and Orange Mound to express the gospel of Jesus Christ through word and deed.  These students could have easily chosen to go with friends on a vacation, but instead they had the opportunity to expose themselves to something beautiful going on in Memphis.

Here's the numbers breakdown from our spring break season:

  • 17 colleges represented.
  • 13 states (KY, TN, NC, IL, IN, MO, AL, GA, MS, KS, AR, OH, WI)
  • 304 college students who chose a rooftop rather than a beach towel.
  • 11 roofs completed.
  • 11 homeowners impacted by the gospel through young people.

Numbers can not fully reflect the work done by SOS or college students.  We can express how there are now 11 homes that are warmer, safer, and drier than before.  That is excellent, but the ultimate glory goes to God.

The gospel shows us how God made himself low and endured suffering on our behalf so that we can have renewal in our relationship with Him.  SOS seeks to impart this renewal by showing this love through home repair, but also by boldly proclaiming the love that is found in Jesus Christ.

This is how some of our college campers were changed through their time in Memphis:

"Seeing the impact our service had on our homeowner was truly an experience I'll never forget.  She was so grateful, and I think I saw Jesus in her and in our whole experience with her."

"I have been able to see how God uses our passions for His glory."

"It has made me realize that God loves us all no matter how many good deeds we do and that everyone is equal.  When we serve, it's a poor person serving another poor person.  When we humble ourselves, that's when we truly understand our relationship with God."

"Taught me about the spirit of humility and servant nature of Christ."

"[SOS] really took me out of my comfort zone, placed me in great community, and reminded me how great God is."

"Reminded of my own spiritual poverty & of the relentless grace & power of God to transform people and communities."

"It has shown me how my spiritual walk and my job should work together."

"It has caused even more growth with God; not about me but all about Him and extending His Kingdom."

Stay tuned for some amazing stories about how God chose and used college students and homeowners to make Himself known.

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