Meet a Homeowner

Meet a Homeowner - Mrs. Rosa Staves with Jake Wiig

I met Mrs. Rosa last summer while working at SOS114. Hillary Moore was the team leader working with Mrs. Rosa. Hillary and the volunteers teams adored Mrs. Rosa. She had a routine with them every week. She brought out popsicles at 10:30am, lunch and devos at noon, and another popsicle break at 2pm.

JW – How did you first hear about SOS?

RS – You all worked on my neighbor’s house last summer. I saw the kids working over there the whole summer.

JW – What did you think of all the volunteers?

RS – I thought it was neat. They seems to work together well.

JW – How long have you lived in Orange Mound?

RS – Twenty-four years.

JW – How about before that?

RS – I was in Frayser for six years. I grew up in Memphis, Walker Homes neighborhood.

JW – Where have you worked?

RS – I worked in a warehouse called NPR as a quality inspector. They distribute for companies like Brother, Inc.

JW – Can you tell me a little bit about your family?

RS – I’ve got eight kids; five girls, three boys. Seven of them live in Memphis. I’ve got thirteen grandkids; six girls, and seven boys. Four are in college.

JW – What is Christmas like in the Staves house?

RS – The whole family gets together. The grandkids are running all over the house. I fix a big meal for dinner. There’s a lot of love in this house.

JW – Speaking of meals. The volunteers loved your cooking this summer. What are some of the fan favorites?

RS – My kids love my fried chicken, my BBQ chicken, my BBQ ribs. My sons loves my potato salad and coleslaw.

JW – Do you have a favorite restaurant?

RS – I love Red Lobster.

JW – I know Hillary really enjoyed her summer with you. I remember you saying she may as well be your daughter. What are some of your favorite things about Hillary?

RS – Hillary has a beautiful spirit. She is loving and attentive. I just loved when she did devotionals. She listened to the kids so well. She is very fun and makes you laugh. She always had an encouraging word, for me or the kids.

JW – Do you have anything else you’d like to share, some words of wisdom?

RS – Stay positive. Keep God in your life. Stay loving. Keep God in your heart. I like to tell my children, “Live, Love, and Learn”.

SOS was a Godsend. We wanted to get the roof done but didn’t have the funds. I loved every minute of this summer. Especially the devotional times, you could just feel the love in all the campers.

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