Meet a Homeowner - A New Series!

We're beginning a series here on the blog to highlight the homeowners we get the distinct pleasure of partnering with, their contributions to SOS, and what they love about their neighborhood! We hope you enjoy seeing old friends and getting to know new ones! Meet the Homeowner: Mr. Isaiah Joiner Partnering with SOS since 2011 Lived in Binghampton since 1958 SOS Team Leader: Erin Hatcher

When I (Kelly) began to think of which homeowners have impacted my time most here at SOS, Mr. Isaiah comes to mind immediately. SOS volunteers worked on his house in 2011 (two years before my time here), but he continues to stay involved with the SOS family visiting worksites, encouraging campers and homeowners, and kicking tail at the annual Mike Myatt Memorial Golf Tournament. Mr. Isaiah's sunny-side-up demeanor, constant faith in God's plan, and warm hugs have enriched my life and the SOS community immensely! Read on and get to know our friend a little better.

Kelly: What is your favorite memory from the summer SOS worked on your home? Mr. Isaiah: Oh, I loved watching Erin lead and love on those children. She was real good to them and did a good job of keeping us all working.

KP: You are always visiting worksites, getting the new homeowners acquainted with our program, and coming to the summer picnics. Why do you like to stay involved in SOS? IJ: Y'all didn't have to do what you did for me. Y'all didn't have to come repair my home, but you did. I don't have to stick around hanging out with SOS, but I do because I love ya. And, it gives me the chance to visit my neighbors, ones I know already and ones I've yet to meet. I want to encourage the folks going through the program and the campers who come to a place that's not their home to help out folks they don't even know. I pray for the homeowners every year, that they would care for the children that come to their homes.

KP: What's your favorite Memphis cuisine? IJ: Gotta be Tops BBQ on Summer Avenue. It's just down the road.

KP: You've been living in Binghampton for over 60 years! What do you like most about your neighborhood? IJ: We watch out for each other around here. When one of us is sick or out of town, we check in and make sure everything's alright. We stick together.

Special thanks to Mr. Isaiah for all he does for SOS! We love having you be a part of the family!

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