Meet Our Summer Staff: Hannah Wyatt

How did you get connected to SOS? I came to SOS 114 with Patterson Park Church from Beavercreek, Ohio in 2015 and I was a camper at Binghampton in 2016.

What is your role this summer?

I am a team leader at SOS 114

What does a typical day look like?

We wake up at 5:30, get dressed and ready, head to Binghmapton SOS for morning discipleship where we sing a worship song, read God’s word, hear from a speaker, explore spiritual disciplines, and meet with our construction teams. After that we head back to 114 for breakfast at 7:15 and prepare for the workday. At 8 am we go to the worksite, take the tarp off, and work on the roof. There is always music playing, usually a mix of classic and alternative rock with some Jonas Brothers thrown in the mix! We break for lunch and devotionals at 11:30 and finish the day at 3 pm. Then we shower, usually nap, eat dinner, and then chapel! I serve as MC for chapel. After chapel I usually got to bed pretty early! That’s pretty much a summary of my workday! On Saturday’s I do something fun in Memphis with friends and on Sunday I go to church!

Have you been able to build a relationship with the homeowner you’re partnering with this summer?

I have been so blessed to get to know Ms. Richmond and hear her wisdom & knowledge of Orange Mound history. She loves visiting with the campers and building relationships with them and she truly, truly loves them by the end of the week. She still asks about the campers from week 1 and how they are doing!

What is your favorite thing about team leading?

My favorite part of being a Team Leader is getting to see the progress on the roof and the relationships being built throughout the entire summer. As a camper, you get a week of it, but as a team Leader you get to see God’s glory at work from the first day on the worksite to the last day of camp!

What are you teaching your campers during lunchtime devotionals today?

During devotionals we have been diving into the acknowledgement of the brokenness in the world, how that causes broken relationships in all of us, and how we can rely on God’s saving grace! IT is really great when we get to discuss that deeper or when we dive into one another’s questions and discern them through the gospel.

How does it feel to tarp up at the end of the day?

Tarping is hard. It is hot. Sometimes it is difficult to feel like you are sacrificing time that could be spent working. But I try to remind myself that we do it so that the roof stays water tight in case of a freak pop-up Memphis storm, and that it is just another way we seek to better serve the homeowners we partner with. In a way, tarping is one thing we at SOS do to glorify God.

Do you have a funny story from the summer?

I have a lot of hilarious and incredible memories just in my 3 weeks on staff but probably the funniest was when me and the other 114 girls I live with went out for a roomie Tuesday (when we hangout after Tuesday chapel). We got back to the building, parked the car, opened up all the windows and had a dance party in the parking lot! It was so spontaneous and fun!

What is the Lord teaching you through your job as a Team Leader?

In simple words, God is teaching me about leaning on Him whenever I face troubles, loving others without condition, that all of us have an integral part in His kingdom, and that spending time in His presence and reading His word helps me grow as a Christian and share my faith with others.

What’s your quirky love?

My quirky loves are as follows: Cute porches. I’m obsessed with them. Especially if they have pillars and a swing and if they wrap around the side of the house. Aww, so adorable!

How my dog smells. She is a 70 lb. Labradoodle and we cuddle all the time and I love how she smells. It reminds me of home. Sort of like Catfish bellies. We fish a lot at our family lake house and I tell you, catfish have the softest bellies. It is incredible.

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