SOS Academy Intern : Sidney Dennis

Sidney Dennis is doing the SOS Academy this year. She’ll be working with SOS Builds. 
More info about SOS Builds can be found on our website.
What’s your hometown?
Little Rock, Arkansas
Where’d you go to college?
Texas Christian University
What did you study?
Communications Studies, minor in Environmental Science
What’s your history with SOS (how did you find out about SOS, did you come as a camper, which years on summer staff, what positions)?
I stayed at the SOS building in winter of 2016 on a mission trip with some Wesley Foundation Campus ministries. We were working in Memphis. That week we listened to presentations from SOS and Choose 901 and I was hooked. I decided to apply for Summer Staff that year. I was a Team leader in 2016, and then a Construction Manager in 2017.
What is a favorite SOS memory?
One day, my first year, we got a rain warning and Peyton Stimac was partnered with the Binghamton Community church. He was trying to finish that day and got caught in a bind with no tarp and rain coming. He sent a out a text and since my campers were already done for the day I headed over there as fast as I could and it was one of the coolest scenes. Trucks and cars all pulling up dumping out red shirt staffers to help and we all tarped the building in the pouring rain.
Why did you decide to do the Academy?
After my first summer I started thinking about the SOS Academy and decided to apply that year. After two years into a biology major I changed to Communications studies because I wanted to working in the non-profit world that I loved being part of through different mission trips I’ve been on. I saw all those awesome organizations and the people that get to work all day serving a population that they care about.
What are you most looking forward to with SOS Builds?
I'm looking forward to learning from Ally Velderman and all the wisdom she has to share with me. I can’t wait to be her intern. I also am so excited to get to know the kids and hangout with them after school. I got to meet some over the summer.
What do you hope for after the SOS Academy?
I hope to learn about education in Memphis and what the kids need to thrive. I hope to get a taste for living in the Binghampton Community. I'm interested in all the great organizations in Memphis working toward a better Memphis for everyone. Also, I can’t wait for classes with Memphis Center for Urban Theological Studies. I kinda love learning.
What are three quirky loves?
I love to go antiquing with my mom and finding weird things to put in my room.
I love listening to handbell music. I played in a choir from 3rd grade to 12th grade.
I like crowds. I think it comes from going to concerts and things, but I went to a PGA golf tournament this summer and I don’t even like golf.