Meet our Summer Staff : Kim Meadors

How did you get connected to SOS? The Director of Summer Opportunities at Soulsville Charter School sent me a link to SOS. She saw that SOS and I have similar passions so she sent it my way. I had no idea what SOS was so I applied for every single job! After talking with Jake & Ally, we found a good fit for me and I was hired on for the summer!

What is your role this summer?

I’m the office and volunteer coordinator

What does a typical camp day look like for you?

I coordinate every volunteer that comes through the building- often local church volunteers that come to help with meals and laundry. I help them understand why they’re here and how they can be helpful while they’re here. I also have the opportunity to work with three high school girls. I help empower them to do similar things with the volunteers- whether it be meal prep, laundry or cleaning the building

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part is being able to connect with people that come from different places but who are all working towards the same goal- whether it’s a local church volunteer or a summer staffer who has been working with SOS for years, everyone truly desires to serve others. 

What is the hardest part of your job?

Knowing when to ask for help. I enjoy being able to complete a task but sometimes completing a task calls for asking others to help. And that’s apart of being on a team. Everyone brings something to the table.

What is the Lord teaching you this summer?

I think He’s teaching me that you don’t have just one area of gifting. The Lord can you use you in different situations as long as you’re willing. Just because your gift looks one way, doesn’t mean it can’t be used in a different way. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts! 

What do you hope to pour into the summer staff?

I want to encourage them in a way that lets them know that this is bigger than this summer. That someone poured into them when they were younger and it made an eternal difference. They have that opportunity with homeowners and campers who come through SOS and even if what they have to offer doesn’t seem to be understood or received at the time, the Lord can use that later on.

Which person on summer staff has the best morning face?

Kayley Collins

Summer StaffKelly