Post-Summer Update

It's hard to believe that 2012 SOS summer camps have come and gone.  The summer flew by!  It was fast, but God did some amazing things through SOS Summer Staff, all the volunteers who came to SOS, and the homeowners we partnered with.  Here are a few highlights of the summer.

Homeowners who partnered with SOS took a more active role in ministry and the home repairs we did. We heard countless campers tell stories about how they were impacted through the relationship they built with the homeowner they were partnering with.  One homeowner told an SOS summer staff that she was excited to begin sharing the gospel in word and deed with her neighbors.  Praise God for using homeowners in Binghampton and Orange Mound to make kingdom impact!

The 2012 summer staff were truly a highlight. 46 staff helped lead our camp in Binghampton, and 8 staff helped lead our camp in Orange Mound.  God worked in and through these leaders in amazing ways this summer.

In addition to our college and post-college summer staff, our high school staff were a highlight as well. We hired a total of 8 high school students who are involved in either the Binghampton or Orange Mound neighborhoods.  These leaders are truly the future of these neighborhoods, and they are eager to lead through serving others.

Finally, over 1,600 volunteers partnered with SOS this summer to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed in Binghampton and Orange Mound. Many of these lives were radically changed.  And many lives were changed through the work of these volunteers.  With the help of these volunteers SOS partnered with neighbors in Binghampton and Orange Mound to repair 31 homes this summer.

Praise God for all that He did through the ministry of SOS this summer!  Thank YOU for your prayers and support.

Are there any highlights you would add to this list?  Leave a comment below.