Rooted Conference 2017

"The Gospel means finding rest, and never ever having to prove yourself, because Jesus proved Himself on the cross."
"If you lose faith in yourself, you will begin to see His faith in you."
"Hope is borrowing the joy of tomorrow for today."
Those are just a few tiny morsels of Truth that we were washed with last weekend at the Rooted Youth Ministry Conference in Dallas.
We have attended the Rooted Conference for several years. Our main goal is to network with church and youth leaders who might want to come partner with us in Memphis. But we are always so encouraged and challenged by the gospel as well. This year was no different.
The theme of this year's conference was Gospel of Hope. So many pastors, youth leaders, and workshop leaders talked about how ultimate hope is found only in the gospel - that Jesus Christ lived a perfect life and died on our behalf. That kind of hope never fades. And that is the kind of hope all people need - from a teenager in a youth group to the youth leader alike.
We were also so encouraged by all the fellowship we shared with those working in student ministry from all over the world. Their work is some of the hardest and least appreciated work in the Church. But it is because of their work that so many students and families find and follow Jesus. We are thankful for student ministry leaders!
So - if you are in youth ministry:
1. You should seriously consider attending the Rooted Conference in Nashville, TN in 2018!
2. Know that we appreciate all the hard work you do!!!
Praise God for the Gospel of Hope...