Every year SOS hires about 45 college-age summer staff.  Five of these summer staff are men who fill the "runner" positions.  If you've been to SOS, you've seen them working hard behind the scenes.  But apart from delivering materials to work sites, runners play a significant role in helping SOS achieve its vision for Binghampton: empowered persons & transformed neighborhoods.  It's important to recognize the valuable role that they play.

In addition to hiring 5 college-age Christian leaders, SOS hires 5 high school males who live or go to school in the Binghampton neighborhood.  These high school students spend 8 weeks of their summer with the college runners. College runners mentor, disciple, befriend, and hang out with the high school guys.  The shop manager designs and implements daily discipleship curriculum that both the college runners and high school runners participate in. Throughout the day, this discipleship material guides the college runners and high school runners in gospel-centered, intentional conversations.

The runners' work is significant because they are directly influencing the next generation of male leadership in Binghampton.

Our hope is that the God will use the college summer staff to raise up godly men who are leaders in the Binghampton community.  Here are two ways that you can join us in praying for the runners:

  • Pray for the 2011 college-age runners as they strive towards this end.  Pray for their leadership and relationships with the high school runners.
  • Pray for the 2011 high school runners. Pray that spending this summer with godly male leaders will be a radically life-transforming time for them.