Sharing Your Resources with SOS

How was God at work at SOS in 2017? Here are just a few ways:
- Repaired 35 homes in Binghampton, The Heights, and Orange Mound
- Hosted 1,770 volunteers
- 99% of all campers expressed that SOS had some positive spiritual impact on their lives.
- 100% of our Academy graduates landed a job in urban ministry in Memphis upon completion of the program.
- All participants in our after school program, SOS Builds, showed measurable growth in both understanding of the gospel and construction skills.
Praise God for all of that!
All of that can happen because of the generosity of so many people. Camper tuition only covers about half of the cost of running SOS. We depend on the donations of people like YOU to bridge that gap.
SO - how can you invest in developing leaders and making homes warmer, safer, and drier as we come to the close of another year?
Consider these options:
  • Help us #ShingleAllTheWay!
    • We have a Christmas giving challenge set up primarily for church or youth groups, but anyone can participate! Help raise funds for SOS and earn some cool SOS swag or free camp spots! More info on Shingle Bells HERE.


  • Turn your gift into $45,000!
    • We have a matching gift in place for our Capital Campaign. If we can raise $100,000 by Dec. 15th, the Assisi Foundation of Memphis will give us an additional $45,000! Help us out HERE.


  • Good old fashioned cash donation
    • You can give via credit/debit card, echeck, or paypal all through our website HERE.


  • Give non-cash items
    • Did you know we have the ability to receive various non-cash gifts as well? You can donate vehicles, unused bulk inventory or even old unused gift cards! All that can be liquidated to put cash towards SOS's mission. Find out more HERE.
However you do it, we pray that you will consider giving the gift of safe housing and leadership development this Christmas!
Will you pray with us that God will continue to provide all the resources we need to fulfill the mission of SOS?
To all of you who have supported our work in the past, THANK YOU!