SOS 30 Years - Meet a Past Homeowner

Homeowner:  Lucille (Lucy) Alexander Address: Binghampton

Year(s) partnered with SOS: 2006 & 2011


Tell us a little about yourself and how you got connected to SOS!

Well my grandson Michael got involved with SOS and was working with y’all on some projects so in 2006 I applied for some assistance with repairs around my house.


How long have you lived in your home?

We moved here in ‘91 or ‘92 I believe.


What year did SOS partner with you?

Well in 2006 y’all came and gave us a new furnace, a new deck and a few other repairs and then in 2011 we had a huge fire that affected most of the house. I didn’t know what to do but a friend of mine said, “Wasn’t that SOS who did work for y’all before? Why don’t you contact them again?”. So I applied and Brother John (Magers) said, “we don’t ever restore houses but we’re gonna do yours”. SOS restored the entire house. Volunteers did all the work and they started on the roof in March. Brother Marlon (Big Dog) went out and found people to donate furniture, appliances and a washer & dryer. We had Bible study every Wednesday and I’d join the campers to tell them my story and how much they meant to me. All SOS asked in return was that I volunteer too since it was my house-- I tore down walls and put lightswitch plates in!

We moved back into our house 2-3 days after Thanksgiving that year and when they got through repairing, it was like it was a brand new house!


What was your favorite memory from when SOS was working on your house?

Everything! The Bible studies, the work, the campers… we loved it all.


Do you remember your TL, campers,etc?

Molly & Sasha were wonderful leaders- just wonderful- and I miss them. Brian (Purdy) was great too and Brother Jeff (Riddle) was a great friend to my grandson. While we were working on the house, he would come pick up Michael every morning and take him to school, then pick him up after school and bring him home.


How has your neighborhood changed significantly in the last 10-30 years?

It’s quieter than it used to be- not as much crime. I like how neighborly it is. I know most of my neighbors & we’re mindful of one another.


What would you like to see improve in your neighborhood down the road from now?

I used to run a daycare at my house for a while but now it’s just my grandkids that come over. I want to build a daycare in the field next door. From the ground up!


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