Why Does SOS Exist?

Why does SOS exist? That is a question we've asked ourselves a lot over the past several months.
Every several years at SOS we pause to think through our mission and vision and ask God to give us clarity to make sure we are where He wants us to be. That's what we did again this past fall. We spent several months praying and dreaming about the mission and vision of SOS as a staff and board. Through that process we did NOT feel God leading us in a new direction as a ministry. In many ways we felt great affirmation in the work we were doing.
However, one things we did sense is a need to more clearly articulate the work that we believe God has called us to and the work that we are already doing.
And so the result of all of that time and energy is a refined mission and vision statement that will guide is through the next season of SOS:
MISSION: SOS exists to glorify God by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ in underserved neighborhoods through home repair and leadership development. 
VISION: Empowered people. Thriving Communities.
In the coming weeks you'll notice some minor changes to our website and other media outlets as we update them with our refined mission and vision.
Will you pray that God would do great work through SOS that our mission might be fulfilled and that we might see that vision come to reality?
***In case you're curious, below is our old mission and vision:
Mission: SOS exists to glorify God by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed through urban home repair camps.
Vision: Empowered people. Transformed neighborhoods.
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