SOS Builds | Fall 2017 in Review

Both of our Builds teams have grown and gained many new skills this semester!

The middle school team started by constructing various contraptions that would protect an egg when dropped from tall heights. This stretched them creatively and also gave them the opportunity learn more about structure, mass, strength and gravity in relation to the construction world. The second half of this semester, they focused on building catapults which they then got to test out on a cafeteria full of medieval style games. Cannonball, The Well, Battleship, Flaming Darts, Longest Shot, Target Board.

Our high school Builds team on the other hand spent the first half of the semester partnering with the Heights CDC to host a community build day and construct planters and benches for the temporarily installed Heights Line. Since then, they have moved on to designing and constructing a new carpet ball table! We can't wait for Spring Break and Summer camps to arrive so y'all can break it in!

SOS Buildsemily