T-Shirt Design Contest

We’re having a t-shirt design contest for our 25th Anniversary Celebration, and we need you to participate! Here are the details: The theme: SOS 25th Anniversary Celebration (more information about the event is at our website)

The deadline: Midnight, January 28th

The prize: The winner will get a free pass to all the festivities.  Plus, your design will go down in history with one of the biggest SOS events ever.

The rules:

  • All designs become the property of SOS and by submitting a design you are giving us permission to use it.
  • Submissions must be your own creation.
  • There is no limit to the number of designs you can submit.  If you have ten great ideas, submit ten great designs!
  • We will accept the following formats: vectorized image, PDF, Photoshop, jpeg. Please email your submissions to office@sosmemphis.org
  • Please let us know what color shirt you’d like the design printed on (if you don’t have a preference, let us know that too).  However, please DO NOT include the shirt color in your design.  Designs must be submitted with transparent background.
  • We welcome submissions from anyone, regardless of age or artistic inclination; however, if you are under 18 please let us know as you’ll need a guardian’s permission.
  • SOS will choose the top three designs, and the public will vote for the winner between the top 3.

If you need help designing, check out youtube.com for tutorial videos.  Here is one example.  If you have any questions or need anything email office@sosmemphis.org.  We look forward to seeing what you create!