We need YOU!!

It’s finally starting to feel like fall here in Memphis, and yet summer is never far from our minds! We are so excited to open up our summer staff applications on Sunday, October 15 and to start meeting our 2018 family!

Summer staff is a really fabulous, but really demanding role. We are looking to hire team leaders, shop runners, support staff (like kitchen staff, a/v coordinator, volunteer & office coordinator, marketing coordinator, and camp coordinators), and construction managers. Together with our full time staff, this is the team that makes camp happen at both Binghampton and SOS114.

Most of our staff is on-site, meaning we cover your room & board and you live a summer long slumber party, either at the SOS main campus in Binghampton or at Union Avenue Baptist Church for the SOS114 staff.

Regardless of role, the days are long, but the summer is sweet! As part of our commitment to care for and invest in the summer staff family, we start our days with a 6:00 am discipleship meeting. Up with the sun and before the campers! We use that time to share what we think is most critical to a life of faith. Last year, we walked through: Bible Literacy, The Church, Faith vs. Fear, Christians and Vocation, Discipleship, and the Brevity of Life. Beyond our early mornings, we also share pre-camp training, mid-summer inservice, and post-camp closing week, growing in community.

Once the summer wraps, the SOS alumni family is one that keeps connected to SOS and to each other. We love the way we’ve seen strangers at the beginning of camp become and stay family after the summer, and even after years!

This year we’ve got 54 spots to fill! The ideal candidate is a college aged or older Christian with a passion for service. Maybe you’ve been a camper before, maybe you’ve only just heard of SOS, maybe you’re a construction pro, maybe the last hammer you used was a toy one as a kid...believe us that any of those might just make you the ideal candidate! We can teach everything it takes to reroof a home or to teach construction basics to middle school and high school volunteers! We need you: ready to learn, committed to a life of faith, excited to serve, lover of fun!

Please consider applying to be on Summer Staff! You can find a link to the application on our website, beginning on Sunday, October 15th. Once your application is submitted, and references received, we’ll invite you to an online interview. The first round of hiring announcements will go out in mid-late December. Most of our staff is locked in during that hiring cycle, so make sure your application is in the mix!

If you have any questions about being on Summer Staff, first check out our website and social media accounts. There are some great pictures and videos, as well as a list of staff roles. Should you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ally or Jake, some of our Program Team staff!

Summer StaffKelly