What can a few dollars do?

One day Jesus was walking with his disciples through the courtyard of the temple and he made an observation about generosity. The story is recounted in the gospel of Mark as Jesus watched crowds come before the altar and leave their offerings. While many wealthy individuals in the community gave large gifts, He was so moved by an impoverished widow who gave just a few cents (all she had to live on!), that He pointed it out to his disciples as an example of true generosity. Her sacrifice, though small in worldly value, was an enormous gift to the Kingdom. Many people choose not to give because they feel their gift isn’t large enough to have a real impact. This mindset simply isn’t true, and Christ demonstrated this to his disciples by calling out the example set by the widow. The same is true when you consider donating to SOS - it’s not the size of your gift that matters, but rather that you’re sacrificing personal comforts to support the proclamation of the Gospel.

And, your donation, no matter the size, has a REAL impact for SOS! Even donations of $5 translate to tangible supplies that we use to empower people and strengthen communities. Here are some examples:  

What are you willing to sacrifice to help others in need? It’s a difficult question to ask yourself, but we encourage you to step out in faith and remember that your gift, no matter the size, is a blessing to the Kingdom. 

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