Meet Don and Sue Lowry: Homeowner Partners

Don and Sue are amazing homeowners that SOS has the chance to partner with this summer. They are paired with team leader, Kaitlyn Kropelnicki. The Lowry's found out about SOS from a neighbor a couple doors down, Ms.Dollar, a previous homeowner partner. Don and Sue have been Memphis residents for 27 years and married for four years. Don is the life of the party. He always has campers and staff laughing with his great jokes. While Sue keeps him in line with her calming spirit. The couple is very creative and uses that creativity to help out the campers whenever they can. Sue created a system to help campers get water and popsicles to the roof easier so the campers would not have to keep getting down, and Don fixed one the broom that broke with wood he had around.

The Lowry’s love to travel and fish. One of Don’s favorite thing to do is to ride his motorcycle. Don and Sue enjoy taking joy rides around the city, participating in Bike Night on Beale St.(they even met a group of campers on Beale St. during their time at SOS.) and in the mornings they come to SOS in support of Kaitlyn to watch her line dance. The Lowry’s really take the time to build relationships and connect with the campers and staff.

Sue says the campers inspire her with all their energy and eagerness. Don says that he loves Kaitlyn and if Sue and him could keep her past the summer they would. “ She is a great team leader and puts her foot down to help me from being stressed.” says Don. Don has had three heart attacks in the past and says Kaitlyn and Sue help look out for him and make sure he is okay.

SOS is so glad to be able to partner with such an loving couple. You will never leave their house without a smile.

“Do the best you can with what you got to do with” - Sue Lowry

“Keep God First.” - Don Lowry